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A woman dressed as a school girl lays back on a stage for a pole dance competition in St. Pete, Florida called Original Sin



pre-sale: February 17th at 12:00pm (EST)
gA sale: February 24th at 12:00pm (EST)

TITAN_ VIP 4-Top Downstairs.png
LEGEND_ 2-Top VIP Downstairs.png
SACRED_ GA 2-Top Downstairs.png
MYTHOS_ Individual Seats Downstairs.png
CELESTIAL_ GA 2-Top Upstairs.png
OMEN_ Standing Room Upstairs.png
Sponsors - for website.png
Sponsor - Yoga Punx.png
Sponsor - X-Pole.png
Sponsor - Calandro Law (1).png
Sponsor  - PoleActive.png
Sponsor - DewPoint.png

with gratitude to our 2024


Sinner, you'll hear from us soon!

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